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Wales Financial Group specializes in life and commercial insurance, auto and home insurance, and employee benefits.

Insuring Florida and all of the United States.

Wales Financial Group is a diversified financial services firm and insurance agency. As a financial services firm, we obtain financing to lower middle market through Mid-Cap companies across a wide variety of sectors, including real estate, healthcare, infrastructure, commodities, energy, technology, and the hospitality, gaming and entertainment industries. Through our subsidiaries, we engage in asset management, investment banking, commodities trading, private project partnerships, and origination and processing for all types of individual loans.

As an insurance agency, we are appointed to the most reliable and most recognized insurance companies. We serve all clients throughout our network of insurance agents and promote all insurance products throughout the nation, including life, healthcare, property, and casualty insurance.

In association with our strategic business partners of The ABI Team, we manage a full range of administrative and employee benefit needs while reducing costs, minimizing risks, and streamlining your operations

As principal partners in Medacare, we are an Insurance Healthcare and Benefits Plan Provider in the United States as well as Latin America. We promote telemedicine, assistance programs, perks, and discounts, as well as a wide variety of health care plans.

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